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The paper presenting validity and reliability information on the CEI was published at the Journal of Personality Assessment.  Click here to download the manuscript.

Kashdan, T.B., Rose, P., & Fincham, F.D. (2004). Curiosity and exploration: Facilitating positive subjective experiences and personal growth opportunities. Journal of Personality Assessment, 82, 291-305.


Using the scale shown below, please respond to each of the following statements according to how you would usually describe yourself.  There are no right or wrong answers. 

                     1                  2                   3               4                5                6                7

          Strongly Disagree                                    Neither Agree                                Strongly Agree

                                                                            nor Disagree


_____  1.  I would describe myself as someone who actively seeks as much information as I can in a new situation. 

_____  2.  When I am participating in an activity, I tend to get so involved that I lose track of time.

_____  3.  I frequently find myself looking for new opportunities to grow as a person (e.g., information, people,


_____  4.  I am not the type of person who probes deeply into new situations or things.

_____  5.  When I am actively interested in something, it takes a great deal to interrupt me.         

_____  6.  My friends would describe me as someone who is “extremely intense” when in the middle of doing


_____  7.  Everywhere I go, I am out looking for new things or experiences.


Notes.  Item 4 is reverse-scored before summing; to reduce potential subject error, we suggest that “not” be italicized.  Items 1, 3, 4, and 7 refer to the Exploration subscale and items 2, 5, and 6 refer to the Absorption subscale.

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Todd B. Kashdan, Ph.D.

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Frank D. Fincham, Ph.D.